Greenlee 7310SB Knockout Punch Driver Kit,7310SB,Greenlee 7310SB Knockout Punch Driver Kit,Greenlee,Punch Driver Kit Greenlee 7310SB Knockout,Greenlee 7310SB Knockout Punch Driver Kit - Tap And Die Sets -.7310SB Knockout Punch Driver Kit Greenlee.

Greenlee 7310SB Knockout Punch Driver Kit

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Greenlee 7310SB Knockout Punch Driver Kit

Greenlee 7310SB Knockout Punch Driver Kit - Tap And Die Sets -. Knockout punch driver kit 。 Style:Hydraulic Driver Kit 。 Product Description Hydraulic type; 1/2 inch Min. Conduit/pipe size; 4 inch diameter Max. Conduit/pipe size; (3) punch, (6) Die, (1) Ram, (1) draw stud, (1) punch sleeve, (1) step bit, (1) hydraulic hand pump, (1) high pressure hose, (1) punch tray contents 。 Everything you need to safely, quickly, and easily punch holes through a variety of materials. 。 Includes 2113B drawstud and 34410 1/2" Kwik Stepper step bit for easily drilling pilot holes.。 7310SB Ram and Hand Pump Hydraulic Driver Kit with 6 Slug Busters and 4 Standard Knockouts The 7310SB ram and hand pump kit provides everything you need to safely, quickly, and easily punch holes through aluminum, plastic, fiberglass, and up to 10-gauge steel.。 The 767 hand pump and 746 ram generate 11 tons of force, and the full 1/2-inch to 2-inch range of bestselling U.S. conduit sized* Slug Buster knockouts even split the slug in half for easy removal from the die. A Kwik Stepper step bit is provided for precise pilot-hole drilling and for larger holes, 2-1/2-inch to 4-inch standard knockouts are also included, making this kit a complete, compact, hole-making solution for any serious electrician.。 Used on busy construction sites and in maintenance jobs, the 7310SB ram and hand pump kit contains 10 dies, 6 Slug Buster knockouts, 4 standard knockouts, 3 spacers, 2 drawstuds, a Kwik Stepper step bit, a drawstud adapter, a 767 hydraulic hand pump, a 746 ram, a 3-foot-long high-pressure hose, and a sturdy, compact steel case for easy transport and storage.。 With a powerful and lightweight hydraulic pump and ram combined with bestselling U.S. conduit sized* Slug Buster and standard knockouts, the 7310SB ram and hand pump kit is a small, compact, and powerful choice for any industrial electrician who needs to get the job done faster, safer, and easier than ever before.。 *Hole size is outside diameter of standard U.S. conduit sizes. Example: 1/2-inch (12.7mm) Slug Buster produces a 7/8-inch (22.5mm) Ø hole.。 。 Slug Buster and Standard Knockouts This kit contains a complete selection of Slug Buster knockouts, in 1/2-inch to 2-inch sizes. For 2-inch to 4-inch sizes, standard knockouts are provided.。 The same precision and power is achieved with both types of knockout. However, the two knockouts differ in how the slug is removed. Where standard knockouts create a traditional, circular metal slug, Slug Busters go one step further and split the slug in two, making removal from the die brilliantly easy.。 Slug Buster splits the slug in two for exceptionally easy removal.。 Standard Slug Buster , :Standard knockouts quickly create clean slugs.::The Slug Buster's unique design creates a slug as the punch is drawn into the die. , :Slug enters die as punching operation is completed.::Slug is split in half as punching operation is completed. , :Solid slug tips out of die.::Split slug easily falls free from the die. , 。 Maximum Steel Capacities for Conduit Sizes 。 Slug Buster Punch Size Standard Punch , Required Drawstud & Accessories:1/2":3/4":1":1-1/4":1-1/2":2":2-1/2":3":3-1/2":4" , 3/4" Stud (2113B); 3/8" Stud & Spacer:•::::::::: , 3/4" Stud (2113B); Long Spacer::•:•:•:::::: , 3/4" Stud (2113B); Short Spacer:::::•:•:::: , 3/4" Stud (2113B):::::::•:•:: , 3/4" Stud (2113B) & Sleeve (03170):::::::::•:• , • Up to 10-gauge mild steel. Not for use with 10-gauge stainless steel. Use Slug Splitter SC range instead (sold separately).。 。 。 Detailed List of Included Components Model Description Conduit and Pipe Size (Inches) Ø Size of Hole (Inches) Ø Size of Hole (mm) Ø Size of Hole (PG) , :1/2" Conduit Size Slug Buster Punch:1/2:0.885:22.5:16 , :1/2" Conduit Size Die:1/2:0.885:22.5:16 , :3/4" Conduit Size Slug Buster Punch:3/4:1.115:28.3:21 , :3/4" Conduit Size Die:3/4:1.115:28.3:21 , :1" Conduit Size Slug Buster Punch:1:1.362:34.6:- , :1" Conduit Size Die:1:1.362:34.6:- , -1/4:1-1/4" Conduit Size Slug Buster Punch:1-1/4:1.701:43.2:- , :1-1/4" Conduit Size Die:1-1/4:1.701:43.2:- , -1/2:1-1/2" Conduit Size Slug Buster Punch:1-1/2:1.951:49.6:- , :1-1/2" Conduit Size Die:1-1/2:1.951:49.6:- , :2" Conduit Size Slug Buster Punch:2:2.416:61.5:- , :2" Conduit Size Die:2:2.416:61.5:- , :2-1/2" Conduit Size Standard Punch:2-1/2:2.914:74.0:- , :2-1/2" Conduit Size Die:2-1/2:2.914:74.0:- , :3" Conduit Size Standard Punch:3:3.539:89.9:- , :3" Conduit Size Standard Die:3:3.539:89.9:- , :3-1/2" Conduit Size Standard Punch:3-1/2:4.044:102.7:- , :3-1/2" Conduit Size Die:3-1/2:4.044:102.7:- , :4" Conduit Size Standard Punch:4:4.544:115.4:- , :4" Conduit Size Standard Die:4:4.544:115.4:- , Included Components Model Description , 767:Hydraulic Hand Pump , 746:Hydraulic Ram , 2113B:Drawstud 3/4" to 8" , 20963:Drawstud 3/8" to 7.9" , 1557AA:Punch Sleeve , 1924AA:Spacer (Short) , 1925AA:Spacer (Medium) , 1926AA:Spacer (Long) , 34410:Kwik Stepper Step Bit 1/2" , 06302:High Pressure Hose 1/4" to 3" , 18402:Steel Case , Additional and replacement knockouts and dies sold separately.。 About Founded in 1862, is a leader when it comes to developing innovative tools for electrical contractors. From barrel-making machines to woodworking equipment, to the present day selection of wire/cable installation tools, electronic testing and measurement instruments, and other solutions, continues to be a respected and trusted source for the electrical professional. Whatever your tooling need, you can always rely on to make your job faster, safer, and easier every day.。 。 。 。

Greenlee 7310SB Knockout Punch Driver Kit

Greenlee 7310SB Knockout Punch Driver Kit
Greenlee 7310SB Knockout Punch Driver Kit
Greenlee 7310SB Knockout Punch Driver Kit
Greenlee 7310SB Knockout Punch Driver Kit

Greenlee 7310SB Knockout Punch Driver Kit

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Greenlee 7310SB Knockout Punch Driver Kit

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Greenlee 7310SB Knockout Punch Driver Kit
Greenlee 7310SB Knockout Punch Driver Kit - Tap And Die Sets -.